Mule Moto Ambassador Program + Upcoming Video Series


Hey folks, 2 quick announcements. As a commitment to supporting ADV & dual sport riders we just launched our Mule Moto Ambassador Program. We're offering the opportunity to earn 10% commission for every successful referral. We've looking for a few select riders to join the team. If you're into backcountry motocamping and have a YouTube channel/Sweet Instagram, this might be a beginning of a beautiful relationship.  

How it Works

Apply Here - 

Once approved, you'll receive a unique referral link. You can share that link in social posts, YouTube videos & more. When a potential customers clicks that link it will bring them to our online shop. When that customer purchases Mule Moto products you'll get a commission. All commissions are tracked in an online portal that you have access to. We're considering offering discount codes at well. Think of the ambassador program as a you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours set up. It would work like this, you'd get 10% commission, the potential customer would get 10% off and Mule Moto would get roughly 10% when all is said and done.

We will be offering special perks & discounts to Ambassadors as well.

Have questions? Feel free to DM me on Instagram -

Also, we're starting a YouTube video series featuring all of our soft Luggage to see how they perform in the wild. We'll start with Giant Loop, move on to Rigg gear then finally GIVI. We'll stuff em' full of motocamping gear and test em' out in the backcountry.

See ya down the trail, Eddie

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