Ed's First Solo Motocamp

Stuck inside during the great COVID lockdown, going stir crazy, desperatly needing adventure, remember that time? That's when I discovered dispersed motocamping on Youtube.

I was super inspired and filled with hope for the first time, in a long time. I did the research, bought the gear, got the gnar-liest bike (KTM 1090 Adventure R) to set off into the great unknown.

That trip healed a part of my soul and left me feeling like a kid again. Suddenly, an entire world of ADV opened up before my eyes, this was the start of my new adventure.

I felt as though I had slayed some a sort of dragon (depression). I stood triumphant and had become the hero of my very own adventure.

I became obsessed (almost neurtoic) with finding the perfect setup for an upcoming backcountry motorcycle trip. My subconcious brain even started dreaming in ADV.

Now it's Mule Moto's mission to inspire and encourage others motorcycle riders to become the hero of their own adventure.

Slow Eddie's - BDR Dream
Dreaming in ADV
BDR Keep it 100 Film Festival
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